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Reed City Rotary Introduces COVID Relief Fund

Thursday, February 4th, 2021 – The Reed City Rotary Club has created a fund to assist local restaurants located within Reed City Area Publics Schools (RCAPS) geographical area. The fund is part of the Reed City Rotary Charities which was recognized with 501(c)3 designation in 2006. One of the tax-exempt purposes of Reed City Rotary Charities per the articles of incorporation is “To encourage and foster the ideal of service both personally and in business.” The funding of the new Relief Fund does just that.

“Our Rotary Club has been an active service organization in our community, “said President Brad Doornbos. “This is another avenue that we can utilize to support some of our businesses that have been most affected by shutdowns and loss of business due to restrictions put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The idea of creating a fund to help businesses in the Reed City area was brought to the Rotary Club by member Rich Saladin who was inspired from a podcast interview with Dave Portnoy, founder of the Barstool Fund. The Barstool Fund is a COVID assistance fund that helps restaurants nationwide. “We wanted to create a fund that would give local community members an avenue to donate to these businesses and give them the comfort of knowing that all donations would stay local,” said Saladin. “This is a way to help our neighbors, our friends, and our business associates that we know and love. We need these businesses to survive so we’ll have them available to our area for many years to come.”

Reed City Rotary Club is starting the fund with a challenge to anyone that wants to support area restaurants. The Club will match all donations up to the first $5,000 donated. At this time, the club can only accept checks but is working on an on-line giving platform. If you would like to donate, checks should be made out to “Reed City Rotary Relief Fund” and mailed to PO Box 184, Reed City, MI 49677. You can also go on-line at to pledge a donation as well as find out more information. All donations supporting this fund are tax-deductible.

If you own or manage a restaurant, bar, deli, or other food establishment located in the RCAPS district, the application to apply for a grant is also online at . The Reed City Rotary Relief Fund is only open to restaurants and other food establishments that have been financially affected by COVID-19. If the fund grows and more resources are available, the club may choose to expand the business categories or geographical area.

“We aren’t sure what to expect, but it’s exciting to think that we might have something that our community will embrace and show support. This could be the difference for some of our businesses to survive, “said Doornbos. “With restaurants being shut down for almost 10 weeks, and now only open at 25% capacity, we felt the need was there first. I encourage individuals and businesses, if financially able, to donate and support this cause.”

The fund has already received its first donation in the amount of $415 from the Reed City High School Class of 2014. With the match portion in place, the fund is now at $830. The fund will continue to accept donations and disburse grants to businesses that can demonstrate a need. If funds remain, they will be used to support future Reed City community initiatives through the Rotary Club. If you have questions concerning how to donate or apply, please visit the website or e-mail the club at

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